Cute Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Bliss Living at Home

Cute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

We've put together a list of our top gift ideas to give her something cute that she also will use around the house, add a touch of family to any room or entertain with.
April 30, 2022 — Lesley Jensen
How To Make Your Candles Last | Bliss Living at Home

How To Make Your Candles Last

Ever wondered how friends' candles still look great after every use? No uneven melting or smoke marks on the wax?

Well we're about to take you through some simple steps in how to make your candles last, look and smell great for longer!

April 19, 2022 — Lesley Jensen
Autumn 2022 Home Decor Trends We Love | Bliss Living at Home

Autumn 2022 Home Decor Trends We Love

Autumn has arrived here in Queensland and while the temperature doesn't drop too much it is always nice to refresh the decor to reflect the season. Even a few little pieces can change the mood of an entire room to emanate Autumn vibes. Think cosying up on the couch with a warm cuppa and throw.
March 27, 2022 — Lesley Jensen
Outdated Decorating Trends | Bliss Living at Home

Outdated Decorating Trends

Here are our top 2 outdated decorating trends to move away from this year. If your home has either one of these, then it's time to get shopping and update your home decor style. 
Whilst we loved them and they had a revival in recent years, it's well past time to put these home styling trends to rest in 2022.
March 14, 2022 — Lesley Jensen
Is Rattan Decor Timeless? | Bliss Living at Home

Is Rattan Decor Timeless?

Considering rattan furniture and home decor pieces have been around for over a hundred years you'd be mistaken for thinking it has long since had its time in the limelight of interior styling. And don't get us wrong, too much of a good thing can make any trend look dated. 
February 10, 2022 — Lesley Jensen
Tags: coastal Rattan
Why You Need Wall Decor | Bliss Living at Home

Why You Need Wall Decor

Wall decor and art are a must-have home styling accessory to make any space inviting and have that desired homely feeling.
They continue your interior styling up the wall to eye level and above and complete your home. 
We'll go through our top wall decor product types and why you need wall decor in your home collection.
February 07, 2022 — Lesley Jensen
Best Hamptons Decor Styling Ideas 2022 | Bliss Living at Home

Best Hamptons Decor Styling Ideas 2022

A popular choice for the modern home, these are the best Hamptons decor styling ideas for 2022 that can be quite easily achieved with a few simple items paired white furniture or white-washed timber finishes
February 02, 2022 — Lesley Jensen