Considering rattan furniture and home decor pieces have been around for over a hundred years you'd be mistaken for thinking it has long since had its time in the limelight of interior styling. And don't get us wrong, too much of a good thing can make any trend look dated. 

Rattan decor is made out of the rattan palm used in various designs thanks to its easy-to-bend structure and ability to use strips for weaving. This style of home decor can be paired with almost any style from coastal and bohemian to modern chic. 

Choose A Hero Rattan Piece

Delaney Rattan Coffee Table - Just $559 - Pick up ONLY Brisbane

Our top pick would be the Delaney Rattan Coffee Table (above) as a centrepiece in the lounge room or even a buffet with rattan inlay in its the doors (below). 

Whatever you choose to hero, going for the classic natural tones, a more modern dark hue or white-washed for coastal themed homes will ensure the piece stands the test of time. 


 Malawai Rattan Chair

Malawai Rattan Chair - Just $489 (Pick up ONLY Brisbane)

Continue Rattan-Themed Accents

Choose a few smaller rattan decor items to tie your home styling theme together in a room or throughout your home. Pair them together on a hall table or buffet and alter heights to create cohesion in the texture repetition. 


Great items for the home include rattan baskets, vases, storage boxes, hanging wall decor and jewellery boxes. 

Rattan Weave Jewellery Box - Just $119.95

February 10, 2022 — Lesley Jensen
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