Ever wondered how friends' candles still look great after every use? No uneven melting or smoke marks on the wax?

Well we're about to take you through some simple steps in how to make your candles last, look and smell great for longer!


1. Burn the candle until the whole top melts before putting it out. This is more for candles that come in jars as the edge of the glass with also heat up enabling an even burn.

2. Clean away dust and debris. 

3. Trim the wick regularly to avoid mushrooming and soot marks. The perfect length is 6mm so that the candle burns evenly.

4. Use the lid or a special candle dimmer to put out the flame to avoid wax splashing.



Not a fan of lighting decor candles? That's okay! Leave them untouched to keep them around as long as you like as a gorgeous decor piece in any room.

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April 19, 2022 — Lesley Jensen