Here are our top 2 outdated decorating trends to move away from this year.

If your home has either one of these, then it's time to get shopping and update your home decor style.

Whilst we loved them and they had a revival in recent years, it's well past time to put these home styling trends to rest in 2022.


Outdated Décor Trend #1 - Macramé

A common occurrence in Boho styling, macramé wall hangings have been around since the the 13th century and made its first return in the 1970s. 

But it's everywhere! It's not unique and can easily cheapen the styling of a room. Don't get us wrong, we love natural fibres and weaved décor, but it's time to pack your macramé away.

This type of texture can be brought into other styling elements to achieve that boho/rustic style, including feature cushions or throws and decorative lamps and lanterns.


Outdated Trend #2 - Minimalist Living

Simple is not always best! Whilst it is easy to go for monochromatic hues, showing some personality can make your home feel inviting and intriguing to your guests.

Minimalist home styling is described as creating an uncluttered space with clean lines and an emphasis placed on space, lighting and lines.

This outdated trend has had its time in the spotlight as home styling moves towards colour, patterns, grouping of different elements and variety in each and every room.


March 14, 2022 — Lesley Jensen