A popular choice for the modern home, these are the best Hamptons decor styling ideas for 2022 that can be quite easily achieved with a few simple items paired with white furniture or white-washed timber finishes. 
Holiday homes and luxury seaside abodes are commonly associated with Hamptons decor especially in 2022 but don't let your location stop you from enjoying this gorgeous and classic style.

Image from: New Home Source - Natalee Bowen

Choose A Crisp White Base  

Start your styling with the right colour palette and you'll easily be able to achieve that popular Hamptons look throughout your home. 
Plush white furniture and crisp white walls are the perfect base for Hamptons style home decor in an airy palette of white-washed decor and linens, and accents of natural textures and ocean/deep blues. 

Image from: Better Homes & Gardens - Simon Whitbread

Deep Blue Accents

Also known as the Hamptons Blue, choosing home decor and homewares with a deep blue or crisp navy is the best way to achieve this style. Opt for brocade, paisley or geometric patterns to add a pop of colour to your all-white furniture base. 
There are many evocative china blues and patterned ceramic home decor pieces with a white base to add that touch of Hamptons style to your rooms including jars, vases and dishes. 


Blue White Hamptons Jars, Vases And Jugs 

Layer Textures & Heights 

Layer Hamptons decor pieces and group them together around the house featuring various heights and textures. 
Utilise natural textures such as white-washed timber, jute, bleached wools, linen  and rattan to compliment your white and blue colour palette for that Hamptons luxury coastal-look.


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February 02, 2022 — Lesley Jensen